Updated data in SPARQL and new SRU target for SUNCAT open data

If you’re interested in SUNCAT data then you’ll know that there’s been a lot of activity with the new SUNCAT service interface (http://suncat.ac.uk/).

There’s also been a lot of activity with the underlying database and some improvements to the data sitting behind that too.

With new update processes in place the Discover EDINA open data has benefitted and a new and up to date set of open data is now available on the SRU target, with a shiny new permanent base URL too!

The DiscoverEDINA SUNCAT Open Data SRU target is now based at


All the same SRU and CQL queries should run as before, with the updated data, and the addition of multiple records for the same SUNCAT ID (these represent the same journal but from multiple libraries).

Hope you find it useful!

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