G&T, GeoT,geotaggart

One of our first dilemmas with this project was what to call it!

The basic premise behind the work itself is quite simple – wrap existing open source software for reading, writing, and manipulating image, audio, and video metadata, into a web service. This will give us the facility to deliver:

  • A basic web service based around ExifTool, suitable for 3rd party use to geo-tag/geocode image, audio, and video metadata
  • A web client enabling user upload, metadata parsing (from resource) and metadata enrichment (map based geo-tagging/geo-coding)
  • An Open metadata corpus of geo-tagged/geo-coded enriched records with a REST based query interface

Yet, having the simple idea and knowing what to call it has proved more contentious. We started with ‘geotaggart’ – being in Scotland and needing a working title, this sprung to mind (if its not obvious why then maybe this will help. FWIW I’m not actually a fan!). Once funded we felt that the working title was maybe too tongue-in-cheek and so we came up with ‘GeoT – a rather weak pun on G&T because we all felt we could do with a drink. For want of anything better we are running with that but if the virtual readership has a better suggestion let us know!!

In the fullness of time I’m sure something more agreeable can be arrived at but for now, whilst we are still evolving, we’ll stick with GeoT as a moniker..


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