Project Plan – Aims, Objectives and Final Output(s) of the project

The context to this proposal is that set by JISC Grant Funding Call 13/11 – Digital
Infrastructure: Information and Library Infrastructure – Resource Discovery Programme: Call for Projects. Whilst not an explicit response to that call, JISC has requested directly commissioned work that is sympathetic to and conditioned by the terms and ambitions of this Funding call which is enshrined in this proposal.

EDINA are cognisant of the broader ambition that JISC seeks to realise – that of broadly
liberal, unfettered, any-time, any-place access to resources. In particular, the focus is on ‘discovery and use’ of resources (broadly defined), in more effective support of the student and researcher experience as mediated through the JISC Digital Infrastructure.

EDINA, as a JISC designated National Data Centre, has significant existing operating
capacity and experience in delivering key aspects of the Digital Infrastructure, including
shared services (UKAMF, SUNCAT, Digimap, UK RepositoryNet+) which provide cost-effective delivery of national services to a broad UK HE/FE constituency.

Our proposal, which utilises a range of extant services and expertise at EDINA, is geared to ensure that the outcomes and deliverables assist in reducing institutional level duplication of effort and help institutions be more effective in their support of the student and researcher experience.

To achieve this we suggest two broad areas of activity:

  1. Resource metadata enrichment and aggregation;
  2. Enhancements to existing aggregations;

These activity areas will be realised by:

  • development of a generic multimedia geo-coding & geo-tagging web service that can re-profile and enrich resource embedded metadata and make it more discoverable
  • development of a framework to support user contributions to service metadata making content more discoverable through enriching metadata
  • further development of work undertaken in Phase 1 to enhance the SUNCAT aggregation.

Each of the activities will be in line with the Discovery Open Metadata and Technical
Principles, and will be contributing towards realising the Resource Discovery Taskforce vision through improving the resource discovery infrastructure and reuse of metadata.

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